Sunday, July 2, 2017

Sunday Senspiration: Crazy for Coconut

Each Sunday, I’ll post about something that has appealed to my senses over the past week or so, making me feel happy or inspired. A sensory inspiration, or senspiration, if you will. Today, I’m in the mood to celebrate summer and reflect on coconut.  

For me, nothing embodies a sense of tropical more than coconut. Coconut trees grow in tropical climates. They need constant sunlight and regular rainfall. The scent and flavor of coconut propel me into a tropical fantasy dreamland, and that’s my main reason for seeking out coconut products. But also, coconut promotes wellness in a myriad of ways. According to, coconut oil improves digestion, regulates blood sugar, helps dissolve kidney stones, reduces inflammation, supports organ function, and more. Coconut milk is rich in several vitamins and minerals, and coconut water is great for replenishing electrolytes. In parts of the world where coconut palms thrive, coconut is a staple in the diets of those who live there.  

Most of the benefits I reap from coconut, aside from a sensory escape to paradise, revolve around its ability to support healthy skin. Products with coconut oil moisturize and firm skin, preventing wrinkles and age spots. It helps maintain the natural chemical balance of skin, even reducing the symptoms of some common disorders such as rosacea or eczema.

Here I’ll share a few of my favorite coconut things:

1.       Coconut Glowing Body Polish  by @IsleofLuxe – This is a coconut-based body scrub that’s made in Florida. I discovered it about five years ago when I was on a February beach vacation, and I had to bring some home with me, considering I’d be coming back to winter. Made of sea salts, coconut oil, and botanical and essential oils, it leaves skin soft and smooth for longer than other exfoliating scrubs I’ve used. Furthermore, it leaves you smelling like the beach.
2.       Chap Stick Brand Coconut Hydration 3 in 1 Lip Care – I recently had been searching for a new lip moisturizer after the kind I had used for years was discontinued.  The process was surprisingly challenging. This is an inexpensive product that does the trick; plus, it smells of tropical breezes.
3.       Coconut + Mint Cooling Mineral Mist  by @littlebarnapothecary – When I first saw this on the shelf in my yoga studio, coconut and mint seemed like an odd combination to me, but it sparked my curiosity. The scent is delightful—light and sweet—I had to have it. True to its name, it has a cooling effect.

4.       True Blue Spa Tahiti Sweetie Nourishing Body Lotion – According to Bath & Body Works, “This exotic blend combines Coconut Oil and the Tiare Flower to give dry, tired skin a daily vacation.” Need I say more? I use it every day as an all-over body lotion, and it moisturizes to the perfect extent, not too heavy, not too light. The scent has hints of coconut, but is also a bit flowery and not at all overpowering. 
5.       J.R. Watkins Coconut-Scented Room Freshener – If you want an intoxicating coconut aroma, this is it. It’s definitely a good thing, but it’s strong and penetrating.

6.       Coconut La Croix  (@lacroixwater) – This is one of my favorite summer treats. It’s kind of like drinking sunscreen, but in the best way possible. Crisp, sparkly, refreshing. Pairs great with fresh-squeezed lime.

7.       Coconut Shrimp – Anytime I’m near the Gulf, I seek out this crispy shellfish indulgence. Considering it’s deep-fried, it’s the opposite of all the healthy benefits mentioned earlier…but nonetheless, it’s amazing.
8.       Trader Joe’s Tropical Fruit Floes – These are a frozen explosion of coconut, strawberries, pineapple, mango, and passionfruit.

Are you a fan of coconut? What are some of your favorites?

End of the page note: The photo collage at the top of this post is a scrapbook shot of a trip to Mexico when I was 18. I could not have been more excited to find a real coconut wash up on the beach—I carried it back to the hotel and kept it in our bathtub for the rest of the week!


  1. Lindsay your blog is just beautiful! I can't wait to get my hands on that coconut + mint cooling mist! I love shopping Petit Vour because they are strict about the healthy beauty products they carry. Typed "coconut" in the search and the cooling mist came up, along with other products that look amazing. Thought I'd share! :)

    1. Thanks for sharing - you are becoming quite the guru of healthy beauty products! I'll be sure to check it out.