Sunday, September 24, 2017

Sunday Senspiration: Celebrating Fall, from A to Z

This past Friday marked the first official day of fall, and this season brings with it a vibrant array of sensory experiences. I had so much fun writing a Farmers Market A to Z list a few weeks back that I've decided to do it again, in order to celebrate the season. Hopefully this post will inspire autumn weather to return to the St. Louis region. I hope you enjoy this list. What are you favorite fall things?

Cool breezes and crunching leaves

Deer season

Everywhere full of color


Glow of jack-o-lanterns

Hot tea, hot chocolate, hot cider

Introspective moments – As we enter the last quarter of the year, what accomplishments can we celebrate, and what else can we bring into our lives?

Juicy pomegranates

Knit sweaters and scarves

Lower temperatures


Nature preparing to sleep

Orange hues at sunset


Quiet nights, after summer evenings were so alive with crickets and locust

Roaring fire

Squash, savory soup, salted caramel

Toasting marshmallows

Under the covers, such a cozy feeling

Vivid colors


White chicken chili

eXquisitely scented candles with ambiguous yet festive names like Fallen Leaves or Flannel

Yummy cinnamon and caramel treats that smell even better than they taste

Zealous squirrels scampering about for their food

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