Saturday, October 28, 2017

Sensory Word of the Week: Labradorescent

According to, labradorescent refers to the "play of colors or colored reflections exhibited especially by labradorite and caused by internal structures that selectively reflect only certain colors." The root of the word refers to Labrador, the northeastern region of Canada where the mineral was originally discovered. 

Labradorite is a feldspar mineral, and some specimens display iridescent hues of blue, green, yellow, orange, or red. From what I have seen, it's a toned-down iridescence, and instead of displaying the whole rainbow, each specimen tends to reflect mostly one color. I recently purchased a labradorite ring from St. Louis-based retailer Collections by Joya and am loving the subtle brilliance of the greenish-gray stone.  

I have recently been reading a bit about crystals and minerals and their connections to the metaphysical. This field is very new to me, and I was amazed by the seemingly endless properties and uses of labradorite. According to, labradorite is "often considered to be a stone of magic," leading to clairvoyance and "coincidence control." It also is thought to bring out the best in people around you. Labradorite can promote intellectual clarity and strength; it encourages introspection that can lead to feelings of being at peace with inner struggles. Furthermore, the stone can also eliminate mental and emotional fatigue, bringing back a sense of energy, balance, and joy.

Fostering a sense of energy, balance, and joy is a big part of the reason behind the Starfire Senses blog. Perhaps these powerful properties are the reason I seemed to be magnetically drawn to the labradorite ring when browsing through Joya's many jewels. Nonetheless, I am happy appreciating its physical sensory appeal, its labradorescent beauty.

It's been a couple weeks since I have posted a sensory word of the week, and I wanted to return to the -escent or -escence mini-series. I have a few more coming soon, but as always, if you are thinking of any words that appeal to the senses, please send your suggestions my way!

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