Saturday, August 4, 2018

Introducing Starfire Senses Yoga and the STARFIRE Philosophy

Over the past year, I pursued a Yoga Teacher Training Program. The process of diving deeper into a practice that benefits me in so many ways was incredibly fun, meaningful, and challenging. I've started teaching yoga over the summer and am very excited to share more about my offerings and experiences on this blog.

In my Yoga Teacher Training Program, we were guided to write a mission statement, and we discussed the importance of reflecting on it often and letting it evolve over time. After a lot of thought, I created the STARFIRE philosophy. A-Z lists and acronyms are kind of my style.

As an instructor, I am dedicated to sharing a vinyasa-style practice that fosters wellness inside and out and is accessible to all. In my classes, students will be offered opportunities to connect breath to movement, strengthen and stretch their bodies, and explore balance in their physical movements as well as their daily lives. I am always ready to work with you to tailor a practice that meets the needs of you or your group.

With that in mind, the STARFIRE philosophy is my foundation; it's the set of core values behind my personal practice and my methods of sharing yoga with you.

SpaceCreate space to breathe, space to feel, space to move. Find space to shift your perspective. Create space in between your to-dos.  Space for whatever you need to be your best self.
TruthPractice sincerity and cultivate a life based on truth.
AcknowledgeAcknowledge yourself–acknowledge your body, spirit, emotions, and aspirations. You have what it takes. Acknowledge others for their support. Acknowledge yourself and others, as is, with love and gratitude. 
Refresh Notice when you're getting lethargic or out of tune, and hit refresh, just like hitting the button to update your browser. Give yourself what you need to regain physical and mental strength and energy. After you hit refresh, you can get back on track or choose a different path altogether. 
FlowFlow with whatever feels natural to you. See what happens.

Inspire Tune into whatever inspires you, and bring more of it into your life. Take inventory of all the simple, special things around you.
Reflect on your experiences, take ownership of your actions, and observe how you feel. Reflect so that you may grow. 
EngageEngage in creative expression, engage in meaningful connections with others, engage in action. Engage with intention. Be present in your life.