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According to vocabulary.com, “sensory” is an adjective that “describes something relating to sensation — something that you feel with your physical senses.” The website also notes that “sensory” is derived from the Latin word “sentire,” which means "to perceive, feel."

Through this blog, it’s my mission to explore and share a wide range of experiences that engage the physical senses. It’s a space to talk about places, books, photos, performances, language, nature, recipes, activities and more that appeal to and engage my senses of sight, sound, smell, touch, and taste. It's a space to describe images, textures, scents, sounds, flavors, aromas, and atmospheres. It’s a space to explore multi-sensory experiences that, for me, inspire a sense of awe and wonder, and in many cases, a sense of contentment. My hope is that these sense-sational experiences are engaging and inspiring for you as well.

Because yoga, much like sensory experiences,  is a practice that engages and connects the mind, body, and spirit and because it also brings me a sense of wonder and contentment, I have named my yoga business Starfire Senses Yoga, and this website is where I will share posts about yoga and information about what I offer.

You might be wondering: Where does the name Starfire Senses come from? 

Well, a blog called Nonprofit AF once posted a unicorn name generator on National Unicorn Day. Check it out here. It uses your name and birthday to create your nonprofit unicorn name and title. My coworkers and I of course had a great time laughing at everyone’s unicorn names. Some of my colleagues were assigned hilarious names and titles like ‘Feisty Royal Darkness, Conjurer of Flip Charts’ or ‘Whispering Dappled Bubbles, Seeker of Leftover Snacks.’ My unicorn name and title turned out to be one that I kind of liked: ‘Dancing Dizzy Starfire, Tamer of Community.’ I particularly liked the name Starfire. It seems bright, strong and passionate, and in a way, it also appeals to the senses. Thus I decided to name my blog after it.

Thanks for stopping by Starfire Senses. Feel free to drop me a note to connect or share your thoughts about the blog. Or, if you have an idea—a word, a place, a book, something to be included on this blog—I’d love to hear it! Email starfiresenses@gmail.com.

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