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My name is Lindsay. I work with children and families at a museum in St. Louis, MO, and to be honest, it’s my dream job. It allows me to be creative, to connect with people, and to learn and reflect on incredibly meaningful things everyday. My job sometimes even involves developing multi-sensory experiences and activities that help kids imagine a different time or place. My job can be hard work, and I like the challenge. I also enjoy the challenge of yoga, which I practice almost daily. In the past year, I pursued yoga teacher training and am currently exploring new avenues of sharing yoga as a teacher in the community. I love reading, running, live music, going to community events, traveling, exploring museums, being outdoors, examining flowers, playing with animals, and a lot of other things. I am busy and often feel like I don’t have enough time for everything I love.

This spring I discovered a handful of books, articles, and podcasts that got me thinking about intentionally creating space for what I love and eventually sparked my desire to start this blog. Author @JenSincero constantly claims throughout her books that what you focus on, you attract more of. I realized that so many things I love are intertwined with multi-sensory experiences. By focusing on this, I will hopefully create more of it. I will deliberately seek out more experiences that engage my physical senses, but also, I know I will notice in more detail what is around me and celebrate the little things. In just thinking about this blog over the last couple months, I have realized that I’m immersed in a multi-sensory wonderland every day. 

A few other motivations I have for blogging about the senses:
·    I want to foster my ability to stay in the moment and to be positive. In The Simple Sophisticate podcast episode entitled 10Tools Fulfilled People Utilize in Their Lives to Squash Negativity, host @ShannonAbles discusses what she experiences when she dives into activities she loves: “I am present. I am in the moment and I have no time to let my negativity grab hold.” To me, this idea makes a lot of sense, and it’s a state of being I want to achieve.
·    I want to get better at quick casual writing and using technology and social media.
·    I think this blog will prove to be both a bit of a reprieve from daily life, even daily life that I love, and a creative outlet.
·    I want to make space for my best ideas. In the book Rest: Why You Get More Done When You Work Less author Alex Soojung-Kim Pang (@AskPang) claims, “It’s often in these periods of deliberate rest and apparent leisure—when you’re not obviously working, or trying to work—that you can have some of your best ideas.”
·    I hope that by sharing experiences that engage the physical senses on this blog, others will be inspired to enjoy life more by following their senses.

Thanks for visiting Starfire Senses. I’m excited to share sensory experiences and connect with you! 

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